A leader in innovation: Switzerland has a top-ranking position when it comes to innovation, according to the Global Innovation Index. With the highest number of European patent filings per capita, we are a country of inventors: the Red Cross Movement, the Swiss army knife, Velcro and aluminium foil are all of Swiss origin. No fewer than 116 Nobel Prize winners have a connection to Switzerland.

We are also a dynamic country for research and development in fields such as medicine and information technology. Swiss space technology is at the forefront: we contributed to Apollo 11 and many other missions, and are working within the UN to ensure the long-term sustainability of outer-space activities. Our education system combines a renowned academic tradition with dual vocational education and training, offering national and international students affordable and high-quality instruction.

Supporting safe and fair digitalisation: Switzerland is shaping the digital transformation, ensuring that technical innovations and digital technologies benefit everyone. They are key to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and meeting other urgent challenges. We recognise the UN’s role in establishing a suitable global framework and support the Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation. Switzerland advocates for a rules-based international order for the digital world by taking on leading roles in multilateral cooperation on cybersecurity. Geneva’s expertise as a global digital policy hub gives rise to innovative initiatives between states, international organisations, civil society, academia and the private sector.

Backing UN reform: Switzerland remains dedicated to a modern, innovative, effective and efficient UN system and endorses the Secretary-General’s reform agenda. We have made major efforts to reach agreement among the member states on reforming the UN development system. Since the work of the Security Council must be transparent, representative and effective, we coordinate the cross-regional Accountability, Coherence and Transparency (ACT) group and strive to improve the Council’s working methods.

« A plus for innovation » by cyber illusionist Marco Tempest


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