Multilateralism matters: Switzerland works closely with others to find effective solutions to global challenges as a member of a broad range of international organisations, multilateral development banks, UN agencies, programmes and funds. A neutral and independent state, Switzerland builds bridges to foster consensus.

International Geneva: For more than 100 years, Switzerland has hosted international organisations. As the UN’s European headquarters, Geneva is the operational heart of the multilateral system. The city hosts the most international organisations in the world and is a leading centre for multilateral dialogue and cooperation addressing current and future challenges. Geneva serves as a hub for negotiations on disarmament, human rights, labour rights, health, digital policy and humanitarian issues and regularly welcomes UN-facilitated peace conferences and talks, most recently on Syria, Libya and Yemen. We have the ambition that everyone can be part of the discussion and the decisions: this is why we will continue to provide dedicated support to small states and least developed countries. So far, a total of 177 permanent missions call Geneva their home.

The Swiss people have decided. They have said ‘yes’ to co-operation with the UN. They have said ‘yes’ to a stronger international commitment. They have said ‘yes’ to taking greater responsibility for resolving global challenges.
Joseph Deiss
Former Swiss President and President of the UN General Assembly

A reliable and responsive partner: Switzerland’s foreign policy seeks to foster lasting strategic partnerships that build on mutual trust. We work closely with our European neighbours, are an active member of the International Organisation of La Francophonie and share close ties with other French-speaking countries. We interact with many regional and sub-regional organisations as a member or partner, including the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. We also cooperate closely with organisations such as the African Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the Pacific Islands Forum and the Caribbean Community. With long-established and friendly relations with all UN members, our development cooperation covers more than 30 countries. We are always ready to listen to and work constructively with all countries: the success of our policies depends on valuable partnerships with governments, the scientific community, civil society and the private sector.

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