Thank you, Mister President.

I would like to thank Secretary-General Guterres for his presentation and especially for his repeated calls for deescalation in the region. 

Switzerland unequivocally endorses these calls and reiterates its support for the UN's great commitment in the region. 

Switzerland has strongly condemned Iran's coordinated attacks against Israel and, prior to this, the Israeli strike against the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1. 

The spiral of violence has dangerously been triggered. We insist on respect for international law as the compass for resolving any dispute and preventing an even more serious regional escalation. Respect for the Charter, international humanitarian law and human rights must guide all parties to conflicts.   

The implementation of the Council's resolutions is a first step in this direction and towards peace. Since Hamas's acts of terror on October 7 - condemned by Switzerland - we have adopted three resolutions which have not been implemented. The ceasefire demanded by resolution 2728 has not been respected - it must be done immediately-, not all hostages have been released- they must be immediately-, and many civilians fall victim to the fighting every day. Tens of thousands of them, including many children, continue to die, disappear or be mutilated every day. This must stop immediately.

The humanitarian situation, already catastrophic, continues to deteriorate. Levels of food insecurity affect the entire population of Gaza, and famine is imminent. We welcome the Israeli announcements to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza and look forward to their implementation as soon as possible. This is an obligation under international law. Humanitarian aid must be able to flow unhindered through all possible crossing points and be distributed throughout Gaza, including the North. As the occupying power, Israel has an obligation to meet the basic needs of the population under its control. We recall that the International Court of Justice has called on Israel to take all necessary and effective measures, in close cooperation with the UN, to ensure, without delay, without restriction and on a large scale, the provision of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian aid.

As for the hostages, we reiterate our demand that all of them be released immediately and unconditionally.

We must not lose sight of the situation in the West Bank, where violence has reached record levels. The Palestinian population in particular is prey to violent acts by Israeli settlers, as illustrated by the attacks around Ramallah and Nablus last weekend. Switzerland condemns these acts and their consequences. The authors must be held accountable. These acts create a coercive environment that leads to the forced displacement of entire communities.

As we can see, all parties to the conflict in the Middle East have committed and continue to commit violations of international humanitarian law. Switzerland calls for strict compliance with international humanitarian law, and for the protection of the civilian population and persons hors de combat by all parties. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions. Universally ratified, these conventions are the fruit of the political will of all States. They establish minimum standards of humanity to be respected in all situations of armed conflict.

Mister President,  

War takes a disproportionate toll on an entire generation of children and young people – women and men. We must stop the sacrifice of the civilian population, and help build a better future. 

Switzerland is convinced that the foundation of a lasting peace remains a two-state solution, Israel and Palestine, of which Gaza is an integral part, living side by side in peace, within secure and recognized borders.

Only this solution, negotiated by both parties in accordance with international law and internationally agreed parameters, including the resolutions of this Council, can lead to lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Switzerland is ready to make a constructive contribution to such a solution. 

Thank you.