Mr. President


I would like to thank the Special Representative ad interim, Mr. Swan, and the Special Representative of the African Union, Mr. Souef, for their briefings. I welcome the presence of the Permanent Representative of Somalia at this meeting. We congratulate Somalia on its election as a member of the Security Council for 2025-26.


As we have just heard, Somalia is entering a pivotal phase in the months ahead, as it faces multiple transition processes. This calls for a close partnership between all the actors involved, in order to advance the essential national priorities and reforms, and to consolidate the progress made in this respect. I would like to highlight three points:


First, a successful and responsible transition of the UN assistance mission UNSOM is crucial for the consolidation of peace in Somalia. We note the Federal Government's request to end the mission's mandate, following a review of its strategic priorities. We welcome the willingness expressed by the authorities to engage with all stakeholders in preparing for this complex transition, in order to address challenges such as the humanitarian, political and economic situation, as well as the impact of climate change. The work of the joint technical team to discuss the modalities and appropriate timing of this transition and a successful handover to the UN country team will be important. We look forward to an update in this regard in August, as requested by this Council.


Second, with regard to democratic transition, we welcome recent efforts to tackle the delicate task of moving the constitutional review process forward. We stress the importance of a transparent, inclusive and consensus-driven process, with the participation of all stakeholders. In this regard, we call on all federal member states, including Puntland, to participate in this process, and on all parties to resolve their differences through constructive dialogue. There are still worrying gaps in the involvement of women. Switzerland supports various local partners in their efforts to empower women to participate in decision-making and inclusive political processes. Women's participation is a fundamental pillar of sustaining peace and the promotion of national cohesion.


Third, as the offensive against Al-Shabaab remains at the forefront of security concerns, the security transition out of ATMIS must be guided by the situation on the ground in order to prevent a security vacuum. This transition and the mandate of a follow-on mission of the AU in Somalia, as supported by the Peace and Security Council last Friday, must be guided by respect for international law, in particular international humanitarian law. We recognize the efforts made by the Federal Government and ATMIS to define Somalia's security needs. In this context, we remain concerned about the continuing threat posed by Al-Shabaab in the near future, including after the withdrawal of ATMIS.


Mr. President,


I would like to congratulate the two missions, UNSOM and ATMIS, on their support for Somalia. Switzerland will continue to stand by Somalia and its people during this critical transition phase, and in their efforts to build peace and a prosperous future.


I thank you.

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