Mr President,

I thank the Deputy to the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Mr Adedeji Ebo, for his presentation. We have also taken note of the intervention of Mr Garland Nixon.

This Council meeting follows on from the one held earlier this week in the wake of the deadly attack in Hroza. A large majority of the Council expressed its concern at the devastating impact of Russia’s military aggression on the civilian population in Ukraine. We recalled that civilians and civilian infrastructure are protected by international humanitarian law. The call to put an end to this military aggression was clearly voiced. 

Russia can put an end to it, at any time, and thus eliminate the risks associated with the arms deliveries it is concerned about. We call, once again, on it to de-escalate the situation, cease all hostilities and withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory without delay.

Mr President,

Never confuse the aggressor with the aggressed. Russia's military aggression against Ukraine violates fundamental principles of international law. Switzerland rejects any attempt at justification of this act or deflection of responsibility for its consequences.

The prohibition of the use of force and territorial expansion by force are enshrined in the United Nations Charter. Like all states, Ukraine has the right to ensure its security and defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

As far as arms deliveries are concerned, it is crucial that states respect their obligations. We are deeply concerned by the erosion of the arms control architecture and the failure to comply with certain arms control rules. This includes the violation of Council resolutions, whether through the illegal transfer of drones from Iran to Russia, or the alleged transfer of arms and munitions from the DPRK to the same recipient.

Mr President,

Our common security requires a broader vision of this concept, and we support the SecretaryGeneral's call in his "New Agenda for Peace" to reduce the human cost of weapons, in particular by providing better protection for civilians in populated areas of conflict zones. In line with this objective, Switzerland has made humanitarian demining in civilian areas a priority of its action in Ukraine. We are engaged in the reconstruction of Ukraine, and will also pursue our commitment to full respect for international law and accountability. And we support efforts to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine, in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Charter.

I thank you.