Mr President, 

I thank Mr Ebo, Deputy High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, for his speech. I have also taken note of Mary Ann Wright's remarks. 

Today's meeting is yet another attempt by Russia to deflect from its responsibility for the war against Ukraine and its consequences.

Once again, the narrative presented ignores the fact that the military aggression against Ukraine constitutes a grave violation of the UN Charter. Russia has not only attacked a member state, but also international law and multilateralism as a whole.

There's no doubt about who's the aggressor and who's the aggressed.

As we reaffirmed at the seven previous meetings on arms deliveries this year, Ukraine has the right under the UN Charter to ensure its security and defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty. 

We reiterate that it is imperative to implement multilateral conventions and instruments on arms transfers effectively and comprehensively. All States have a responsibility to fulfill their obligations. In particular, the relevant resolutions of this Council, including resolutions 1718 (2006) and 2231 (2015), must be respected.

Efforts to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine - always on the basis of the UN Charter - must be pursued. Switzerland is actively committed to this goal. To promote a peaceful settlement, we continue to urge Russia to cease all combat operations and withdraw all its troops from Ukrainian territory.

Mr President,

The plight of civilians risks worsening with the onset of winter and continued attacks on vital infrastructure. This situation is particularly dangerous for children and other vulnerable people, including the elderly, sick and disabled. We again urge all parties to spare the civilian population and infrastructure, and to facilitate the rapid and unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid throughout Ukraine.

Alongside humanitarian aid, an inclusive and participatory reconstruction process must be supported. The clearance of mine-contaminated land is urgent and a precondition for the country's recovery.

Furthermore, it is crucial that the damage caused by the war is recorded and that justice is done to the victims. The fight against impunity for the most serious crimes is a priority for Switzerland, and we support efforts to ensure accountability. This also applies to the perpetrators of crimes of aggression, who must answer for their actions. This is why Switzerland is committed to supporting the creation of a special tribunal for the crime of aggression against Ukraine.

Let me conclude by reiterating Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine cannot be justified.

I thank you.