Mr President,

We thank the penholders for their facilitation and important efforts in achieving a consensus. We also acknowledge the commitment of the members of this Council. Switzerland voted in favor of the draft resolution because we consider - like the vast majority of other members - that it represents an acceptable compromise.

Switzerland regrets that the use of the veto by a single member of the Security Council calls into question the renewal of the sanctions measures, which aim to support Mali in implementing the peace and reconciliation agreement. This is all the more regrettable against a backdrop of growing insecurity, leading to population displacements, and the departure of MINUSMA under tense conditions.

The purpose of adopting today's resolution was to maintain sanctions measures aimed in particular at encouraging the implementation of the peace and reconciliation agreement. The maintenance and implementation of this agreement by all parties is essential to achieving long-term stability and security in Mali and the region. This is also the conviction of Switzerland, which has been present in Mali for over 40 years. We will thus continue to work with the Malian authorities and all stakeholders to achieve this. The progress that Mali has made with the international community must not be jeopardized.

In the interests of the protection of the civilian population and peace and security in Mali, Switzerland will continue its constructive engagement to find a compromise text. It calls on all other members to do likewise.

In particular, we stress that when this Council adapts sanctions measures, its decisions should take into account in particular the information provided by the Group of Experts, which assesses the implementation of sanctions measures, including the humanitarian, political and security situation.

With a view to the withdrawal of MINUSMA, we call on the Malian authorities and all stakeholders to mobilize their political capital to enable a peaceful transition and work towards stability in the region.

I thank you.

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