We would like to make this statement on behalf of the following Members of the Security Council that are State Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC): Albania, Brazil, Ecuador, France, Gabon, Ghana, Malta, the United Kingdom, and our own countries, Switzerland and Japan.

We thank the ICC Prosecutor, Mr. Karim Khan, for the presentation of the 36th report to the Security Council on the situation in Darfur, in accordance with resolution 1593. We encourage recent trends on the pace at which the trial of Mr. Ali Abd-Al-Rahman is progressing, notably since it is the first ever stemming from a Security Council referral. Furthermore, the pace of this trial makes it the most efficient since the establishment of the ICC. This has in large part been made possible thanks to the profound courage of witnesses who have testified before the Court, coupled with their tireless efforts for accountability.

Furthermore, we commend the Prosecutor’s efforts to strengthen his Office’s engagement with civil society and affected community representatives. In this regard, the first thematic roundtable dedicated to the topic of crimes against children held in November 2022 represents an important step to bring the ICC’s work closer to communities.

Nonetheless, we regret the various challenges faced by the Office of the Prosecutor in the conduct of its investigations on the ground. We reiterate our call upon Sudanese authorities to offer their full support and cooperation to the Office of the Prosecutor.

Finally, we would like to reconfirm our unwavering support for the Court as an independent and impartial judicial institution. The ICC embodies our collective commitment to fight impunity for these most serious crimes under international law.

As the beginning of a new year stands for renewed hope, we reiterate our commitment to uphold and promote the principles and values of the Rome Statute. We underline the important role played by the ICC in international peace and security. We encourage all States to fully support the Court in carrying out its important mandate. Only this way, may it fulfill the hope for justice of victims of the most serious crimes.

Thank you.

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