The UN Security Council today once again discussed the current situation in the Middle East. Switzerland reiterated its position and called in particular for international humanitarian law to be respected. In view of the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza, a humanitarian ceasefire is urgently needed to allow humanitarian access and the release of all hostages. Switzerland underlined its unwavering support for the International Court of Justice and recalled that the precautionary measures of January 26 are binding on both parties. It expects Israel to comply with the Court's order and to take the necessary measures to prevent the commission of acts of genocide and incitement to genocide. This requires immediate and effective measures, including the provision of basic services and humanitarian assistance.

In New York, Switzerland also expressed its concern about the serious allegations against UNRWA staff suspected of involvement in the terrorist acts of October 7. Switzerland has a policy of zero tolerance towards any support for terrorism and incitement to hatred or violence. Switzerland has taken note of the immediate measures taken by UNRWA against the employees and expects that the internal investigation will fully clarify the allegations.

Finally, Switzerland warned against a regionalization of the conflict and reiterated that respect for international law, a humanitarian ceasefire, access for aid to Gaza and the release of hostages are only the first steps towards a lasting political solution to the conflict, which must be based on a two-state solution.