Mr. Chairman,

We welcome the unanimous adoption of the draft resolution. Switzerland would like to thank Gabon, Ghana and Mozambique for their efforts during the negotiation process for the draft resolution on the financing of African Union-led peace support operations. This process began in May, under the Swiss presidency of the Council, during which we discussed the Secretary-General's report on the subject.

It is an important step towards a New Agenda for Peace. From the outset, Switzerland welcomed the A3 initiative for a new Council decision to ensure predictable, sustainable and flexible funding for AU-led peace support operations. To fulfill their mandates, peace missions must be able to rely on predictable, sustainable and flexible funding. This also applies to African Union-led peace support operations authorized by this Council.

Switzerland has consistently worked to achieve this. For example, in 2018, when the Council had already considered this issue, it co-sponsored the draft resolution. We have also done so today with the draft proposed by the A3. During the negotiations, Switzerland was keen to lend its support and play a constructive role in this negotiation process, aiming to promote conciliation between positions.

This resolution recognizes the significant contributions of the African Union to the maintenance of international peace and security on the continent. It also recognizes the significant progress and continuing efforts of the African Union in integrating and implementing international human rights law, international humanitarian law and standards of conduct and discipline.

We now invite all parties to contribute to the best of their ability to the implementation of this framework resolution. In particular, we appeal to everyone's willingness to find compromises for future negotiations on a case-by-case basis. This is a decisive step for the future of African Union-led peace support operations - it's a model for other organizations - to promote peace and security on the continent.

Thank you.

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