Thank you, Mr President,

Switzerland has voted in favour of renewing sanctions in Haiti. We believe that these sanctions help to maintain peace and international security. They can be used to put an end to the abominable violence in Haiti. To this end, sanctions must be effective and credible. This means that the Council's sanctions must respect procedural guarantees when individuals and entities are placed on or removed from sanctions lists.

Since 2005, Switzerland has been working with the Group of Like-Minded States to promote the rule of law in UN sanctions. Apart from the creation of the Ombudsperson mechanism in the 1267 regime, little progress has been made. At present, states remain exposed to the risk of court litigation which creates a situation where they may not be able to enforce sanctions. Sufficient due process is the best way to remedy this and to ensure uniform and universal implementation of Security Council sanctions. 

Last year, when the Security Council established this sanctions regime through Resolution 2653, it recognised the importance of fair and clear procedures. Given that this issue is a priority for Switzerland, my country has been actively involved in negotiations to strengthen them.

Today, the Council has agreed to promote the development of fair and clear procedures. It has thus given itself a clear mandate. We must build on this promise and continue our efforts. These efforts must go beyond the focal point, which does not meet rule of law standards. Switzerland will continue to engage constructively with the members of this Council.

Thank you very much