Madam President,

Ensuring the peaceful, safe and sustainable use of outer space contributes to our security and prosperity. It is in the common interest of all states. Any threat in this sensitive field can have major consequences for international peace and security. Preserving space to enable future generations to take full advantage of the opportunities it offers is therefore the responsibility not only of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) and the bodies designated by the First Special Session on Disarmament, but also of this Council. For these reasons, Switzerland voted in favor of this resolution.

We have long been confronted with different approaches to space security, and Switzerland has always insisted that these are complementary. Switzerland remains committed to its position on the prohibition of the placement of weapons, including conventional weapons, in space, and supports the development of a legally binding instrument to this effect. In this sense, this resolution is a step in the right direction. My delegation appreciates the transparency and inclusiveness shown by Japan and the United States during the negotiations, and the fact that many of our considerations were taken into account. The flexibility they showed and the compromises they made motivated Switzerland to support the proposal as presented by the co-pens.

We regret that the resolution could not be adopted following the use of the veto by a permanent member, as it is appropriate for this Council to address the issue of space security. The resolution contained important elements in view of the tense international context. In particular, the reaffirmation of existing obligations, the assertion that “a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought ", and the proscription of the development of systems specifically designed to be placed in space would have represented important confidence-building measures. Switzerland stresses that, despite today's veto, the implementation of the relevant provisions of the UN Outer Space Treaty remains binding, and we call on all states that have not yet done so to accede to this treaty.

It is essential to guarantee stability and security in outer space. Switzerland remains ready to address these challenges in the appropriate fora, including this Council.

I thank you.

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