At a high-level meeting chaired by the UK foreign secretary and attended by Ukraine's minister of foreign affairs, Switzerland reiterated its support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, in accordance with international law. It also stressed the obligation of all parties to respect international humanitarian law.

Switzerland calls for renewal of Black Sea Grain Initiative

At this meeting, Switzerland emphasised the importance of beginning work on recovery-related matters immediately. The recovery process was launched at the first Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC) in Lugano in July 2022, organised jointly by Switzerland and Ukraine. The URC resulted in the adoption of the Lugano Principles, which all participating countries endorsed. Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis, who hosted last year's URC, stated unequivocally that the Ukrainian people could continue to count on Switzerland's support at the URC 2023 in London on 22 June for their country's recovery.

The extension of the Black Sea Initiative was another key topic of discussion, with Switzerland launching an urgent appeal for global food security. Switzerland deplores Russia's decision on the Black Sea Initiative and hopes that they will be renewed in the near future. Since it was adopted in July 2022, this initiative has enabled more than 32 million tonnes of food to be exported to 45 countries on three continents. Through its good offices, Switzerland welcomes and supports the tireless efforts of the UN secretary-general and Turkey to find an agreement between the parties and advance this important initiative.

UN Charter: starting point for global, just and sustainable peace

Pascale Baeriswyl, Switzerland's ambassador to the UN in New York also called for the principles of the UN Charter to be upheld as the basis for a just, comprehensive and sustainable peace in Ukraine. "Switzerland is closely following the different peace initiatives for Ukraine, and emphasises that the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected," she added, referring to various initiatives adopted by the international community.

Switzerland has again expressed its support for the International Criminal Court and for measures and mechanisms aimed at delivering justice for victims and at rebuilding Ukraine, including the register of damage set up by the Council of Europe. Ambassador Baeriswyl also underscored the pressing need for justice at the General Assembly's annual debate on the situation in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories on 18 July.

Switzerland supports humanitarian demining

Pascale Baeriswyl also expressed Switzerland's concern about the use of anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions in Ukraine. "As a State party to the Ottawa and Oslo Conventions, Switzerland calls on all States and parties to the conflict not to use these weapons", she told the Council. Switzerland is providing its expertise to support humanitarian demining in Ukraine and has just launched new mine action measures thanks to a supplementary credit approved by Parliament in the 2023

summer session. In 2023, Switzerland will provide at least CHF 15 million to Ukraine for humanitarian mine action.

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