At the UN Security Council, Switzerland strongly condemned the recent Russian air strikes in the night of 8 July. The attacks resulted in deaths and injuries throughout Ukraine, and the impact of a missile on the largest paediatric clinic in Kyiv once again made girls and boys victims of Russia's military aggression, which has been ongoing for over two years. According to the UN, nearly 2,000 children have been killed or injured since 24 February. "International law, in particular human rights and humanitarian law, must be strictly respected by all parties, and in this context we call on Russia to comply with it and to protect the civilian population and infrastructure," Switzerland stressed in New York. Hospitals are under special protection according to international humanitarian law.

The people, and especially the children, in Ukraine must return to a safe and normal life. For this to become possible, Russia must stop its military aggression against Ukraine, cease hostilities and withdraw its troops from the entire territory of Ukraine. "The UN Charter obliges us all to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states," Switzerland emphasised in its statement. It remains committed to contributing to a just and lasting peace in Ukraine in accordance with the UN Charter and international law. In this spirit, 100 delegations from all regions of the world met on the Bürgenstock in mid-June to inspire a process for such peace.