The UN Security Council discussed the challenges related to women's participation in peace processes during an open debate on "Women, Peace and Security". Switzerland stated in the Council that it wants to strengthen the voices of women representatives of civil society. Their recommendations should be better taken into account in the Council's debates and decisions. At the debate, Switzerland therefore reiterated important recommendations from women in civil society, whom it had invited as briefers during its presidency in May. Women all over the world must have the right to the freedom to participate fully in political processes. For sustainable peace, women must be able to participate equally in peace negotiations and peacebuilding. For this to succeed, it is imperative that women and girls are protected from violence and human rights violations. In the Council, Switzerland called on all states to prevent violations of women's rights, including those in the digital space. All people share the same human rights, regardless of whether they belong to a national, ethical, religious or linguistic minority.

For years, Switzerland has been committed to "Women, Peace and Security" as part of the National Action Plan for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325. The Peace and Human Rights Division of the FDFA (PHRD) is committed to the equal participation of women in the prevention and resolution of conflicts in several countries. This includes, for example, the establishment of a national network of women mediators and peace activists in Lebanon. Through the civil society initiative "Women's Peace Tables" (WPT), women in Colombia, Nepal and the Philippines are supported in participating in the official peace processes in their countries.

The SDC also supports the "Mujeres Resilientes" (Resilient Women) programme in El Salvador, for example, as part of its international cooperation. In the video, Camille Flückiger, who works in the Cooperation Office in Managua (Nicaragua), explains how Switzerland empowers women on the ground to tackle local conflicts and thus contribute to peace.

Statement by Switzerland on "Women, Peace and Security", UN Security Council, 25.10.2023