On 2 November 2023, the UN Security Council adopted unanimously a resolution to authorise the EU mission EUFOR ALTHEA for another year. The core task of the mission is to support the authorities in maintaining a secure environment in the country. This year's negotiations took place under Switzerland's leadership. In this role, it facilitated dialogue between all parties. Switzerland welcomes the unanimous extension of the authorisation as a strong signal in support of stability and security in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Through its presence, EUFOR ALTHEA makes an important contribution to peacekeeping in Bosnia and Herzegovina and helps stabilise the Western Balkans region. In addition to maintaining a secure environment, the mission's mandate includes the implementation of and compliance with the Dayton Peace Agreement and working with the Bosnian authorities to achieve these goals. In line with its long-standing commitment to peacebuilding, Switzerland will continue to support the mission with experts.

The security situation in the country has remained fragile since the 1992-1995 war. Since 2004, up to 20 Swiss Armed Forces personnel have been taking part in the EUFOR ALTHEA mission in the Balkan state. They are stationed at known and potential conflict sites and are in contact with the local population and the authorities. This gives them access to information that EUFOR uses to assess the security situation in the country.

Within its international cooperation, Switzerland supports Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of advancing reforms and creating new perspectives for the population. In the Security Council, Switzerland assured Bosnia and Herzegovina of its continued support on the path to a united and peaceful future.


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