Mr. President,


Switzerland would like to thank the Prosecutor for his presentation of his 27th report on the situation in Libya, pursuant to the mandate included in UNSCR 1970. This report is of particular importance, as it addresses not only the progress made in recent months, but also future prospects, notably by proposing a roadmap for the completion of the Office's investigative activities on the situation in Libya.


Allow me to highlight three points:


Firstly, the steady and significant progress made in implementing the renewed action strategy are important milestones on the road to accountability in Libya. Switzerland notes with interest the progress made in the four lines of inquiry. The progress made in the collection and analysis of evidence concerning crimes committed in detention centers, as well as the assistance provided to third-party states in their national trials relating to crimes against migrants, deserve particular mention. We also appreciate the emphasis placed on psychosocial support for victims and medical and security assistance for witnesses, in collaboration with local authorities.


Secondly, the development of a roadmap to complete the investigation phase testifies to the Bureau's commitment to pursuing its activities with clear and precise objectives. It is nevertheless essential that the implementation of any completion strategy be closely consulted with all stakeholders, including victims and survivors. We note that planning for the completion of investigations does not mean a reduction in the Office's activities, but rather an intensification of investigative efforts. In this respect, we welcome and encourage the efforts undertaken by the Office to strengthen collaboration with the Libyan authorities according to the principle of complementarity, also beyond the investigation period.


Thirdly, cooperation is key to enabling the Court to fulfill its mandate. We take note of the granting of visas and the various visits and substantial exchanges that took place during the period under review with the Libyan authorities, and in particular with the Libyan Prosecutor General. We hope to see a continuation of efforts in this direction in application of resolution 1970. We welcome the Office's extensive cooperation with third-party States, particularly with regard to crimes against migrants. We also stress the importance of effective and useful collaboration with civil society, affected communities and victims. We reiterate our grave concern about the restrictions imposed on civil society in Libya.


Mr. President,


The Court can only fulfill the mandate we have entrusted to it if it enjoys strong support. We reaffirm our unconditional support for the Court as an independent and impartial judicial institution, and pledge that we will continue to implement our cooperation obligations under the Rome Statute.


We reiterate our commitment to uphold and defend the principles and values enshrined in the Rome Statute, and to preserve the integrity of the Court, undeterred by any expressed threats or measures taken against it, its officials and those who cooperate with it. We call on States to refrain from exerting any form of pressure, and insist that all attempts to obstruct, intimidate or unduly influence Court officials must cease immediately. We recall that such attacks on the administration of justice of the Court are prohibited by the Rome Statute.


By fulfilling its mandate, the Court makes an important contribution to lasting peace and reconciliation. It is our common responsibility to ensure that it can effectively deliver justice.


I thank you.

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