I will now make a statement in my capacity as the representative of Switzerland.

I thank Special Envoy Hans Grundberg and OCHA Director of Operations and Advocacy Edem Wosornu for their briefings and efforts for peace and the protection of civilians in Yemen. My thanks also go to Ms. Yasmeen Al-Eryani for her intervention and recommendations to the members of this Council. I also welcome the presence of the Permanent Representative of Yemen at this meeting.

We have been informed in recent months of the progress in the ongoing peace negotiations. However, it is important to remain focused on the legitimate aspirations of the civilian population and to continue to address their immediate humanitarian needs. In this context, Switzerland would like to echo the appeal made by some 100 NGOs with the following words: “we call on you to maintain sharp focus on reaching a new truce deal and initiating steps towards a real, long-lasting, and inclusive Yemeni peace process".

Switzerland would like to highlight the following three points:

First, we welcome all ongoing peace efforts and in particular the engagement of Oman and Saudi Arabia. We stress the importance of achieving early and tangible progress that will benefit all people. It is crucial to build on the current momentum. We therefore call on all parties involved to do their utmost to bring the ongoing dialogues to a successful conclusion. At the same time, we encourage all parties to agree without delay on new confidence-building measures, such as the recent releases of prisoners. We all still remember the joy of those families reunited during the Eid celebrations. 

Secondly, this positive momentum needs to manifest itself in the achievement of an inclusive intraYemeni political settlement under the aegis of the UN. Civil society, especially women, must be part of it, their voice counts and must be heard. In this regard, it is essential that women's full, equal and meaningful participation be free from threats or reprisals. We must spare no effort in promoting women's freedoms. In this context, we echo the related recommendations proposed by Ms Al-Eryani at the beginning of our meeting. 

Thirdly, we share our deep concern about the difficult social and economic situation faced by the civilian population in Yemen as we enter the ninth year of this conflict. We therefore strongly condemn all restrictions faced by humanitarian organisations and especially by female aid workers. We remind all parties of their obligation under international humanitarian law to allow and facilitate, including through the provision of necessary documentation to humanitarian personnel, the rapid, safe and unhindered delivery of aid. Furthermore, in the absence of sustainable peace, the protection of children from conflictrelated violence continues to be challenged. This is evidenced by the increased incidents of child victims of mines and explosive remnants of war. We therefore call on all parties to fully and swiftly implement their action plans and other commitments to end and prevent grave violations against children. Continued effort must be made for the generation of tomorrow. 

Thank you.                     

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