Thank you, Madam President.

As it is this month's first public meeting, I would like to assure you of Switzerland's full support for your presidency, and I would also like to congratulate France on its successful presidency last month.

We would like to thank Deputy Secretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo for her intervention detailing developments in the region. 

Switzerland is concerned about the escalation that has been taking place in the region since the start of hostilities in Gaza, and which has reached a dangerous point with the events of the last ten days. Not only in Syria and Iraq, but also along the Blue Line and in the Red Sea. There is a real risk to international peace and security in the region.

We call on all parties and those with influence over them to exercise maximum restraint to avoid further escalation. When it comes to the use of force, any action must strictly comply with international law. In addition, all channels of communication must be used to avoid misunderstandings. A single miscalculation can have disastrous consequences.

It is vital to calm the situation in order to achieve regional de-escalation as quickly as possible. Only political solutions can bring peace and security to the whole region. In particular, a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza is necessary. In Syria, Switzerland recalls that Resolution 2254 calls for a national ceasefire. As for Iraq, the situation will be discussed tomorrow when it is on the Council's agenda.

Finally, we call on all parties to respect international law, in particular international humanitarian law and human rights. 

In conclusion, I would like to stress once again that this Council must play its full role in helping to de-escalate the situation and find political solutions to the conflicts in the region.

Thank you.