Thank you Madam President, Brazil and Switzerland are very disappointed that the Council has not adopted the draft resolution on cross-border humanitarian aid into Syria, which we have just voted on. Over the last weeks, we have engaged with all Council Members as well as partners in the region, and haven’t spared any efforts, any efforts, to accommodate concerns and to reach a consensus. We have engaged constructively and in good faith always keeping one single and clear aim in our minds – ensuring that millions of people in need would get the humanitarian assistance that they rely on to survive in the most difficult circumstances. The text would have ensured that lifesaving humanitarian assistance continues to reach those in need in North West Syria, by all modalities, cross-border and cross-line. All humanitarian actors, with no exception, including the Secretary General, as well as humanitarian partners working on the ground, have stressed that a 12-month mandate duration would provide humanitarian actors with the necessary predictability for their operation planning. Even though we hear and support their call, we have made a further compromise for a 9-month extension. This timeline would allow to bridge the harsh winter months and would still enable the expansion of humanitarian activities, including early recovery efforts that the draft resolution called for. And in a context of humanitarian needs worldwide outgrowing the available funds, it would still improve the cost-efficiency of the whole-of-Syria humanitarian response. The briefings this Council receives monthly leave no doubt that the humanitarian needs in Syria are as high as never before. The earthquakes in February have further compounded an already very complex humanitarian crisis. We have continuously stressed the need that all modalities, including cross-border and cross-line, are available for humanitarian actors across Syria. The cross-border operation remains a lifeline for millions of Syrians who are dependent on humanitarian aid. We welcome the engagement from all sides during this negotiation process. We are thankful for the support which our approach and text has received from the vast majority of Council Members. We deeply regret that this compromise was rejected through the use of one veto. Brazil and Switzerland as co-penholders are guided by the humanitarian imperative. We will therefore not let this veto cease our tireless efforts to find a solution. We will continue to engage with all Council members to ensure that humanitarian aid keeps reaching those in need. Last night, the mandate for the crossborder mechanism has expired and left millions of people wondering if they will continue to receive much needed lifesaving humanitarian aid. We, the Members of the Security Council cannot fail the millions of people in Syria who depend on assistance. We cannot fail the thousands and thousands who help them day by day. We cannot keep watching the situation on the ground getting worse. The Council has a responsibility in renewing the mandate for cross-border aid, and we will keep up our work to find common ground and to ensure that we collectively live up to that responsibility. Thank you Madam President.