Mr. President,

Switzerland thanks Mexico for this important debate.

“Without inclusion, the puzzle of peace remains incomplete, with many gaps to be filled”. The Secretary-General pointed this out last week. Similarly, preventive diplomacy draws its strength from the linkages among the different pillars of the United Nations, namely peace and security, development and human rights.

Strengthening cooperation between all UN agencies and bodies is key to better preventing conflict and building more equal and inclusive societies. We have important instruments to prevent crises and maintain peace and security. We should use them in a systematic and innovative way. Let me illustrate this with three examples:

First, to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of solutions to situations of crisis and violent conflict, development and humanitarian actors must work in partnership. Switzerland has made this the guiding topic during our chairmanship of the Humanitarian Liaison Working Group this year. The humanitarian affairs segment of ECOSOC has identified increased collaboration between humanitarian, development and peace actors in addressing food insecurity. This is to save lives in the short-term, but also to reduce vulnerabilities and prevent the re-emergence of needs in the future. A joint approach should be applied in specific contexts, such as Afghanistan, to address the dramatic increase in food insecurity.

Second: Respect for human rights helps to prevent conflict and promote sustainable peace. Switzerland is working to anchor human rights more systematically in peace and security efforts, for example through the Human Rights and Conflict Prevention Caucus, a cross-regional group we chair together with Germany. Digital cooperation can strengthen predictive analysis of root causes of conflict, including human rights violations. The flow of information between New York and Geneva, including between the Security Council and the Human Rights Council, should be continuously strengthened.

Third: Coherent action by the UN, its Member States and partners must build on national priorities and strengthen local initiatives. The Peacebuilding Commission helps to strengthen the participation of women peacemakers, civil society and youth. An expanded role for the PBC could strengthen coherence within the UN system to unlock its prevention potential. We encourage the Commission to fully assume, according to its mandate, its role as a bridge-builder, and to engage with all entities that contribute to sustaining peace, including the Human Rights Council and regional organizations.

Mr. President,

The peace puzzle will never be complete without the central role of the Security Council. A lack of unity will lead to more suffering, lost lives and missed opportunities for a better future. By speaking with one voice, the Council can strengthen the common political will to respond to the warning signs of violence and armed conflict. As a candidate for the Security Council and a member of the Peacebuilding Commission, Switzerland remains committed to prevention, early warning and synergies between UN bodies.

Thank you very much.