Haiti is currently experiencing a multidimensional crisis and the security situation in the country is deteriorating significantly. Criminal gangs still control large areas of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and are extending their influence to other parts of the country. Gang violence, internal displacement, human rights abuses, kidnappings and sexual violence continue to undermine the prospects for peace on the island. The escalating violence is having a dramatic impact on the civilian population.

A Transitional Presidential Council has been formed to appoint a new interim Prime Minister and a Council of Ministers. Facilitated by CARICOM, the Caribbean Community, the creation of the Presidential Transitional Council is intended to promote an inclusive and participatory inter-Haitian dialogue, which is the only way to achieve a political solution to the crisis. It will have the difficult task of facilitating the holding of free, participatory, fair and secure elections.

In a briefing to the UN Security Council today, Switzerland welcomed the recent formation of the Presidential Transitional Council and the facilitating role played by CARICOM. "Given the importance of the phase of political transition opened up by these encouraging measures, it is essential that they are implemented swiftly and inclusively, without creating a political vacuum that could further disrupt the fragile security situation," Adrian Hauri told the Council.

Responding to the hopes of the Haitian people

Switzerland also reiterated the need for a significant increase in humanitarian aid to meet the needs of the Haitian population. Nearly half of the Haitian population suffers from food insecurity as a result of gang violence, in particular due to movement restrictions and supply difficulties throughout the country. It also praised the work and efforts of the staff of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH).

Finally, Switzerland called on the international community to use all available means to support the Haitian National Police. In particular, Switzerland called for the rapid deployment of the Multinational Security Support Mission (MMSS) authorised by the UN Security Council on 2 October. The situation is at a tipping point and it may soon be too late to act," Switzerland said in its statement. The Security Council and the international community must continue their efforts to respond to the hopes of the Haitian people.