Thank you, Mr President,   

Switzerland voted in favour of the resolution tabled by the USA, and welcomes its adoption.  

I would like to thank the US delegation for this initiative. This resolution calls on the parties to conclude and implement, without delay or conditions, the three-phase proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza.

This plan currently represents the best chance for a way out of the appalling violence raging in the Middle East, which has claimed tens of thousands of civilian victims since the acts of terror committed by Hamas on 7 October, which we strongly condemned.

Switzerland has consistently called for full respect by the parties with their obligations under international law, including international humanitarian and human rights law. This call was clearly reflected in resolutions 2712, 2720 and 2728. Through the latter, the Council demanded an immediate ceasefire that is respected by all parties and that leads to a lasting ceasefire.

The adopted resolution is in keeping with the logic of respect for international law. It calls on the parties to implement a ceasefire without delay or conditions, to release the hostages and to facilitate the supply of humanitarian aid through all possible routes and crossing points and throughout the Gaza Strip.

Switzerland regrets, however, that despite the request of several delegations, including our own, the call for respect for international law, and in particular international humanitarian law and human rights law, did not find the place in the text voted on today that it had in previous resolutions. 

The events of the last few days have demonstrated once again that respect by the parties to the conflict with their obligations under international law is vital if further bloodshed and civilian deaths are to be avoided. We are relieved that four hostages have – after many months – been reunited with their families and once again call for the immediate release of all those still being held captive. However, we are alarmed by the very high number of Palestinian casualties reported in recent days, particularly during the rescue operation in Nuseirat. We reiterate that a distinction must be made at all times between civilians and combatants, and between civilian objects and military targets. 

Mr President,  

With its positive vote today, Switzerland has confirmed its support for the negotiations led by Egypt, Qatar and the United States, whose efforts we commend.   

We now call on Israel and Hamas to conclude and implement this agreement as soon as possible. 

The Council's collective support for such an agreement is aimed at finally putting an end to human suffering, halting the continuing escalation of violence in the region and laying the foundations for a solution of two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side, in peace, within secure and recognised borders. 

Thank you.