A plus for peace

A neutral and credible mediator, Switzerland stands up for peace with no hidden agenda. We are active not only in peacebuilding and through good offices but also in peacekeeping and disarmament.
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A plus for humanity

Switzerland places people at the centre. We have long been engaged in humanitarian action, and we care about human rights and the protection of civilians.
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A plus for sustainable development

A reliable development partner, Switzerland strives to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and promotes a better understanding of climate change and its impacts on peace and security.
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A plus for multilateralism

Multilateralism matters! This is why Switzerland works closely with states, international organisations, civil society and the private sector. Geneva, where the majority of UN meetings take place, has hosted the organisation for around 75 years.
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A plus for innovation

Switzerland is a country of inventions and research, including in the digital world. We call for a strong, modern and efficient UN system. This is crucial to enable the UN to remain effective and capable of achieving its goals.
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