Mr. President,

I would first like to join others in thanking the two penholders for their valuable work, as well as all members of this Council for their constructive engagement leading to the adoption of these two resolutions.

Let us be clear: the situation in Afghanistan is as serious today also because the actions of the Taliban are hampering the work of the international community. In this context, Switzerland welcomes the unanimous decision of the Security Council to extend the mandate of UNAMA by twelve months. This is an important signal of the international community's continued support for the UN presence in Afghanistan and its confidence in the work of the Mission. We encourage UNAMA to continue its valuable efforts and to work with all relevant stakeholders to implement its mandate in full, be it on the political, humanitarian or human rights fronts. In this regard, Switzerland particularly highlights the situation of women and girls, who are currently excluded from public life due to the repressive actions of the Taliban. I would also like to echo the words of my colleague from the United Arab Emirates: our work has only just begun, and we must intensify it.

I thank you.

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