Today, for the first time since joining the Security Council, Switzerland pronounced itself on the report of the UN mission UNMIK and the situation in Kosovo. The people who came to Switzerland from the Western Balkans over 20 years ago are now an important part of Swiss society. "The future of Kosovo, its people as well as a lasting peace in the Western Balkans are close to our hearts," said Swiss UN Ambassador Pascale Baeriswyl at the Security Council in New York.

Switzerland is committed to peaceful and multi-ethnic societies in Kosovo and throughout the Western Balkans that respect human rights and the rule of law. "Peaceful coexistence can only be achieved through honest, constructive, and inclusive dialogue," Baeriswyl emphasised. This also includes the equal and effective participation of women. Cooperation between Kosovo and international actors on the ground has borne fruit. Kosovo has been able to achieve success in the fight against corruption and organised crime, for example.

The agreement on the path towards normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is a welcome achievement. Now it's time to build on this positive momentum and fully implement the commitments made. The security situation, especially in northern Kosovo, remains tense. Switzerland deplores actions and statements that lead to further tensions and calls on the parties to strive for reconciliation and lasting peace. It condemns inter-ethnic incidents in Kosovo, which are an obstacle to building trust. In this context, the Kosovo Force (KFOR), to which Switzerland also contributes a military contingent, continues to play an important role as guarantor of a stable and secure environment in Kosovo.

Statement by Switzerland in the UN Security Council on the situation in Kosovo