Federal Councillor Viola Amherd chaired a meeting of the UN Security Council on 25 May to mark Africa Day and the 75th anniversary of UN peacekeeping. In 1948, the UN Security Council mandated the first peacekeeping mission, UNTSO, to monitor the ceasefire in the Middle East. In addition to UN peacekeeping missions, the Security Council also authorises operations by regional organisations. Today's meeting focused on predictable, sustainable and flexible funding for African Union (AU) peace support missions.

Numerous conflicts are being fought on the African continent. The AU, as the regional organisation of the continent's states, is therefore of particular importance. It is the key organisation for peace and security issues in Africa and is thus also an important partner of the UN. "Switzerland welcomes this important contribution. We intend to use our mandate in the Council to work even more closely with Africa and the AU and to continue our long-standing support for the peace and security architecture on this continent," said Federal Councillor Viola Amherd in the Security Council.

Switzerland supports the initiative of the African members in the UN Security Council for a new Council decision aiming at predictable, sustainable and flexible funding for AU missions. This would be a decisive step for the future of peace operations. Switzerland will make a constructive contribution to this in the Security Council.

Speech by Federal Councillor Viola Amherd, UN Security Council, 25.05.2023